The 2020 and 2019 bottles are sold out. Cheers to the owners! The wines grown in our vineyard feature a strong body - not necessarily robust - with less tannins than the typical product from Montefalco. At the same time they are perceivably more aromatic and fruit forward. Many connoisseurs are surprised, or let’s give them credit rather – fascinated – by the fact that this Sagrantino is in showy conditions and ready to drink so relatively young. True that! It is fascinating how the influence of soil and microclimate reflect on wine. And this is not unheard of. While it is widely acknowledged and accepted that the Sagrantino wines, in general, need time, time, and time, to get their best to shine, there are some Sagrantino wines that sing young - and sing great. When reading about the soil of Montefalco, one will notice the prominence of the words clay and sedimentary, then come gravel and limestone. These are grounds for big and plenty of tannins – the case with the typical Sagrantino. On our hill, in Elhovo, Sredna Gora, the order is inverted – limestone, gravel, little clay and sedimentary features. Thus, we get lighter tannings allowing an earlier maturation and coming together of body, flavor, and aromas.