After the symbolic start of pruning on February 1st and February 14th, today we started pruning for real. By 10:00 a.m., the morning's thick fog gave way to sun, wind, and glorious bird songs. Besides the sunlight, there's still some humidity in the air. Because of that, after a row is pruned, we spray the cuts with a 2% Bordeaux mixture in order to prevent possible fungus contamination carried by droplets.

There are some one-year-old vines that attract rabbits. Apparently, the juices in the vine shoots are much tastier than those of other trees on the hills around us. We still remember the one-year old vineyard during the first winter - and before the fence - rabbits had done virtually all the pruning.

Rabbit Chew
Rabbit Chew

Closing the fence holes left by badgers and used by rabbits was a priority in January.

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